Virtual Merchant Web Based Application.

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Our Virtual Merchant Software Solution.

The Virtual Merchant application is a secure web-based system that supports transaction processing (authorization and settlement) in real time. The application allows use of a standard web-browser to process transactions as a cost-effective payment solution.

The information needed to process the transactions is sent over a secure, encrypted internet connection. At its basic level, the terminal submits a customer's transaction information to the VirtualMerchant Server. The VirtualMerchant server connects with the network for payment authorization and, if the sale is authorized, the program prints or returns a receipt for the customer. E-mail messages to confirm the order can be sent to customers and the merchant as a notice of a new sale. To finalize the sale, fulfill the order and login to the server and select sale for payment processing. National Transaction settles the transaction and deposits the funds into your bank account. Sales are automatically archived so they can be referred to at a later date.

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Virtual Merchant Login (for existing merchants).

With our Virtual Merchant Solution You Can.

1. Take payments quickly and securely anywhere, anytime - without a major investment of money or effort.

2. Accept a full range of payment types - from credit and debit cards to electronic checks and gift cards.

3. Transactions can be processed in physical face-to-face, mail order/telephone order or e-commerce environments.

4. Easily handle recurring and installment payments.

5. Protect financial data and ensures compliance with the latest industry security standards and regulations, including PCI compliance.

6. Designed to accomodate organizations of any size in any business segment.


“ I recently had a great experience working with NTC. They are very attentive and the service is unmatched. I got personal attention from Cathy and all our needs were taken care of expediently. She was very knowledgeable and oversaw everything to completion.Thanks Cathy and the NTC team, we are happy to work with you.”
by: Pam, client