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Merchant Connect Merchant Account Report Tools.

Merchant Connect Reporting Tool

Available in Two Versions: Merchant Connect Basic & Merchant Connect Premium.

Merchant Connect Basic

MerchantConnect Basic allows for a single sign on for a single location. MerchantConnect provides convenient access to important reporting and support information. Review your merchant profile, view your statements, maintain account information, contact customer service and monitor equipment shipping status.

The reporting area shows you timely and secure accounting information including deposit summaries, transaction activity, chargeback and retrieval status. Links are also provided for reports on Electronic Gift Cards (EGC) and Electronic Check Service (ECS) transactions.

The support section provides comprehensive information about transaction processing, industry mandates, product support and practical tips for controlling processing and transaction costs, adding to your bottom line. Detailed rate information is provided including charts that outline qualification categories and helpful information to prevent downgrading for your specific industry.

MerchantConnect Premium.

In addition to all the features of the MerchantConnect Basic services, Merchant Connect Premium allows for multiple logins from multiple locations. For larger businesses with multiple locations, the ability to aggregate data from those locations along with hierarchical reporting. This allows a store manager to see all the pertinent details of their location. A regional or corporate manager can combine all the locations, or a designated region to fine tune reports and extract valuable business information.

Reporting in the MerchantConnect Premium offering is more comprehensive with reports that cover a longer range of data than the Basic service. Data is searchable and can be exported for further control over your business finances. Reports are provided to summarize your payments, classify qualification rates, and provide insight as to why transactions might be downgrading. Additionally, the Premium service includes a powerful search utility. Drill down to specific batches, card types, reference and authorization numbers, invoice numbers, and many other criteria.

  • Easily Reconcile Payments
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Access Anywhere
  • Many Report Styles
  • Control Who Has Access
  • Basic & Premium Versions Available
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