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Use Your Own Devices and Save

Our Virtual Merchant Mobile solution extends our Virtual Merchant offering allowing mobile devices like Apple or Google smartphones and tablets to easily and securely accept all major credit card, debit card, ebt card, gift cards and electronic check payments, anywhere in the world, at any time. With our encrypted mobile device card readers you can swipe card transactions at lower rates with a PCI compliant solution that secures your customers card data safely, end to end. Receipts can be printed via bluetooth or internet connected printers or you can harvest valuable customer data by emailing receipts and re-use the data for cross promotions and repeat visits. Keying in transactions? We've got you covered. Our intuitive interface also allows merchants keyed transactions providing extended flexibility in English, Spanish and French languages for customer and merchant familiarity. You can even capture signatures right on your screen. With Virtual Merchant Mobile you can collect card data for entry at a later point in time, perform sales, refunds, pre-authorizations, tax calculations, tip adjustments, recurring payments and so much more with purchase descriptions, invoice numbers and address details for further insight on payment activities. You're in control with a device manager that permits or denies devices processing transactions and unlimited devices to support growth in businesses large and small.

Ease heavy seasonal activity using your own devices by temporarily adding your own devices creating new terminals to handle the load without adding cost. Handling more transactions in the same time frame means smaller lines with faster checkout and increased employee productivity which means happier customers. Processing on the go makes trade shows and seminar sales a snap run a single terminal or an entire call center and mobile sales force from one merchant account.

Our Free mobile app, Virtual Merchant Mobile is tightly integrated with our Virtual Merchant and Merchant Connect offerings giving your business an 'omni-channel', one stop merchant solution. You can download the free mobile app from Google's play store or Apple's iTunes app store for your Apple or Google based smartphone and tablet. With one account your business can process face to face card swiped transactions, mobile payments on-the-go and an online shopping cart payment gateway for the ultimate secure payment processing acceptance service. Track customer trends, inventory while increasing your understanding of customer buying habits and discovering trends that prepare you for customer demands. Sell more widgets on Mondays? Our reporting tool will help you spot those trends and much more while you manage your payment processing.

Security and PCI/DSS compliance are at the heart of all our products. No card data is stored on any device reducing fraudulent charges, chargebacks and hacking risks to your business. All card data is stored in our secure data center away from your business with strict PCI compliance utilizing end to end encryption (E2EE) and tokenization reducing exposure to losses and minimizing your customers risk at the same time. Our ongoing world class support is available 24/7 365 should you ever encounter an issue or have questions about your payment processing.

Take advantage of the exploding mobile market today. We can get you started. Call 888-996-2273.

  • Easy & Secure Free, App
  • Keyed in or Swiped Transactions
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Sign the Screen, emailed receipts
  • Use Your Apple or Google Devices
  • English, Spanish or French Languages
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