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Electronic Invoicing Made Simple with NTC e-Pay

Free Setup, Nothing To Integrate, Secure and Fast.

Invoice customers electronically with ntcepay

NTC ePay is for any merchant who wants to avoid the complexities of a shopping cart or integration into an accounting system or point of sale. When custom pricing becomes an issue, shopping carts, POS systems and booking engines tend to get really complicated. NTC ePay does away with those complications by allowing merchants to simply email a payment request that can be paid in 2 simple steps.

  • National Transaction Corporation
  • 4/21/2015
  • Services, EBT Card, Debit Card, Processing.
NTC ePay At a Glance
  • Only invoice, email address and total amount required.
  • Custom pricing including all fees, rates, services and products.
  • Links can be generated and used on website, no shopping cart needed.
  • Extremely Secure Payment Form.
  • Can be used for ANY product, service or fee.
Demo 1
    Invoice # (text and/or numbers)

    Amount $ (example 100.00)

    email Address (customers)

    Note (text)

    *Invoice#, Amount and email
    are Required fields
Demo 2
    Your email Address
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